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Babysitting Susan





It was a warm summer's day when a neighbor woman asked Karen if she would keep an eye on her daughter while she went to the hospital to visit her husband. Karen had been divorced from her husband for about three years and for a fifty-year-old woman that had devoted her life to her marriage. It had been more of a blow to her ego than to her feeling when he left her for a woman almost half their age.

Sex with him had diminished to hardly anything at all so she was not all that upset when he left. It was just the embarrassment of being left for a younger woman that bothered her. She still had an office job to keep up the house she got in the divorce. She did enjoy her garden and took pride in her flowers. She was busy with her flower bed when the neighbor brought her daughter over for her to watch.

One look at the sweet youthful child brought a warm feeling in her heart. The girl's name was Susan and had just started first grade. She was a round faced beauty with blue eye. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her smile was toped by a button nose. She wanted to help in the garden and was soon on her bare knees and busy digging up the soil with a hand fork.

Karen warned her not to touch the stems of the roses but it was not long before Sue had grabbed the stem of one of them and when she yanked her hand way she managed to rake the thorn across the palm of her hand leaving it bleeding pretty good.

Karen was quick to lead her to a garden hose and wash the dirt from her hand. She assured her that if was not serious. She would have to put some disinfectant on it and then bandage her hand. She led her to her bathroom and put some hydrogen peroxide on the cut. Sue thought it would hurt and tried to pull her hand away. Karen held it firmly until Sue realized that it did not hurt. Then she bandaged her hand.

She noticed that Sue's knees were dirty and she washed her legs before taking her to the kitchen where she gave the girl fresh cookies and a glass of milk. While Sue settled down to watch cartoons on the TV she went out to her yard to clean up her tools and put them away.

When she came into the house she sat in her favorite chair and tried to read the news paper. Sue was lying on the floor facing the TV. She was lazily kicking her legs from the knees. Her little summer dress hardly reached the tops of her knees while she was standing. On the floor with her elbows resting on the floor and her chin in the palm of her good hand the dress was pulled up almost to her rear end.

From Karen's position she had an unobstructed view of her cheap cotton panties. The crotch of them was thin from many machine washings and they were mist from the girl's sweating body as much as anything. The sight had Karen fascinated. She was having all kinds of lustful thoughts.

When the front doorbell rang it startled Karen. She got up and answered the door. It was Sue's mother. She allowed her to enter and Sue rushed to show her mother her hand.

Karen told her that she had scratched her hand on a rose bush and she had cleaned it before bandaging it. Sue's mother inspected the bandage and was satisfied that it did not need anything more. Karen assured her that the bandage would come off before bed but the air would be good for it.

Sue's mother asked if Sue had been too much of a bother. Karen assured her that she had not been any trouble. Sue's mother went on to explain that her husband would be in the hospital for a few days. Then he would require rest for a while before he could return to work. Would you be willing to help look after Sue for me for a while?

Karen had to think about it for a while but she saw no reason why she could not help her neighbor. Sue was no problem other than she found her disturbing because she was waking up some desires she had all but forgotten. She finally agreed to look after Sue after she got home from work until their household was back to normal.

That night as she tried to go to sleep she lay there and remembered when she went to school for the first time. She had been a painfully shy girl. Her first grade teacher was named Miss. Sandhurst. She was a sweet older woman that must have been close to fifty years old back then. She had an average figure and gorgeous long red hair and green eyes that looked like quiet pools of water in the Georgia swamps.

Miss Sandhurst took a special interest in Karen. It may have been because Karen was a pretty child back then. Karen developed a crush on her because she found her so pretty even if she was old enough to be her grandmother. Karen found herself following her around the playground when they were not in the classroom. She would sit at her desk daydreaming about being her daughter.

Then one day Karen missed her bus home and was so upset that she was in tears. Miss. Sandhurst was just about to leave and saw Karen standing there with her cheeks streaked from tears running down her face. She approached her to find out what was wrong and when she was told that she missed her bus she offered to drive her home.

Karen felt so special that her teacher was willing to drive her home. She was so proud that she sat as close to her as possible. On the ride home miss. Sandhurst assured Karen that she thought she was special but she could not show favoritism in front of the class. She said that next year when she was in second grade that she would be in another classroom. Then she would be happy to be her friend. As she was saying that she rested her hand on Karen's knee. Karen felt a thrill just from the touch. True to her word Miss. Sandhurst didn't treat her any different than any of the other children in her class the rest of the year.

The next summer Karen was at the lake enjoying the cool water with a group of other girls from her neighborhood playing in the water when she saw Ms. Sandhurst spreading out her beach towel she ran over to talk to her. Karen talked to her non-stop the rest of the day. She was bold enough to ask Ms. Sandhurst if she could visit her. The woman agreed and wrote her address and phone number on a slip of paper. Karen tucked it away and when she got home she called to see if she could come by the next day.

The next morning she told her mother that she was going ridding on her bicycle with a friend from school and headed across town. She found the house with no problem. She parked her bike by the side of the building and rushed up the stairs to ring the bell.

Ms. Sandhurst opened the door dressed in shorts and a halter top. She had the air-conditioner on and the house was cool. She offered Karen a glass of iced tea. Karen sat on the couch and crossed her legs and sat on her feet. It never occurred to her that that putting her feet on the couch might be rude or childish.

When the women returned with two tall glasses she gave Karen one and sat next to her on the couch. `What can I do for you?"

Karen beamed, "You promised that we could be friends after I was not in your class. I want to be your best friend." Karen said.

The woman studied Karen's face. She wondered if she had any idea the implications of her statement. "Karen I don't know if you understand what being a special friendship between a woman and young girl could mean."

Karen blurted out, "I love you!"

Ms. Sandhurst smiled, "There are a lot of ways to love someone. Have you ever done anything more than kiss a woman?"

Karen was not sure what she was asking but she would do anything for the love of this woman. "I don't know what you mean but I will do anything you want."

Ms. Sandhurst said, "You can call me Candice when we are alone." She put her arm around Karen's shoulder and tilted her head back and kissed her on the mouth.

Karen thought her mouth tasted as sweet as anything she had ever tasted. When Candice placed her hand on her thigh and slide it up towards the crotch of her shorts she remembered that her mother had warned her not to let anyone touch her in her private places but if Ms. Sandhurst wanted to touch her there she would let her do anything she wanted.

She spread her legs to allow Candice full access to her crotch. Karen had inspected her vagina in a mirror before and didn't find it very interesting. She had seen her mother pussy before and asked her if she would have hair on her pussy too and when. Her mother assured her that her body would change in a few years and she would have breasts as big as hers and she would have hair too. When she got the hair she would curse the day she got it because she would have to wax or shave it the rest of her life. All of this information fell on deaf ears. All she head was that she would have hair and tits someday. At this moment she wondered if Candice would be upset that she didn't have hair there.

The woman slid her fingers under the leg of her shorts and under the leg of her panties. They were moist from the bicycle ride over to her house. The adult slid her fingers over the smooth vulva. Karen's labia were hidden by the crack. Candice used her index finger to find the little pea sized clit. She gently rubbed the nub. It caused Karen to feel like her body had gotten a small electrical shock that continued to stimulate her.

Karen had never experienced a climax and didn't know that she would feel one someday. The act of keeping her body on the edge caused every muscle to be tightened up until she was exhausted. She rested her head on Candice's shoulder. She wanted to remember every moment. She could smell her perfume and the shampoo she had used to wash her hair with this morning.

As Candice continued to play with her clit she pulled her other arm under Karen's body so that she could pull her halter top up and over her breasts. Karen saw the large breasts fall free. The areolas were as large as silver dollars and the nipples looked even larger than her mothers. She reached for one of them and felt the nipple spring back into place when she flipped it. She didn't have to be asked; she leaned down and started sucking on the nipple.

Candice was whispering in her ear how good it felt and how much she loved her. They continued doing this for a long time. There was no rush to do anything more. Neither of them wanted to break the mood of the moment. Candice eventually stood Karen up in front of her and pulled her shorts and panties down. Then she sat Karen down on the mirrored cocktail table. She lifted the girl's legs up and took a long kook at the smooth vulva.

Karen wondered if she approved of what she saw. When Candice smiled and moved her face close enough for her to feel her warm breath she figured that Candice approved of her pussy.

Candice covered the girl's entire vulva with her mouth. She licked the entire valley with her tongue. Karen thought it was nasty for anyone to lick where she peed from but it felt so good and if Candice liked doing it she was not about to stop her. When Candice held her ankles and pushed her legs back until her knees were next to her ears her little butt was pulled up until her crotch was horizontal. Candice stuck out her tongue in a point and touched it to the girl's sphincter. It puckered and Candice thrilled at the winking hole. She did everything she could to stick her tongue in the hole but it puckered up too much for her to get it in.

Karen could not believe that this woman was actually touching her poop hole with her tongue. Again it felt great until she tried to force her tongue into the hole. She endured it without a whimper. She came close to climaxing but never did.

Eventually Candice pulled Karen to her feet. Here was a wet spot on the glass where her butt had been and sweat had gathered under her buns.

Candice placed her back on her lap and kissed her passionately for a long time. Karen thought she would not like kissing the mouth that had been licking her pussy and asshole but she found the taste strangely exciting.

Karen did not know if she was expected to the same thing to Candice or not. She had to ask, "Do you want me to kiss you on your pussy too?"

Candice hugged her tightly, `Honey there is plenty of time for you to decide if you want to do anything like that. She stood up and place Karen back onto the couch while she picked up the glasses and went to the kitchen to re-fill them.

When she returned she had pulled her halter back down. She sat back down and gave Karen a glass while she sipped on hers. "What do you think about being my special girlfriend?"

Karen was thrilled to here her say that she was her special girlfriend. She was so thrilled that she almost spilled her tea when she tried to wrap her arms around her neck and kiss her. She was at a loss for words. She just cried on her shoulder until the front of Candice's halter was soaking wet.

Candice pulled her halter off and let the girl play with her tits as long as she liked. Karen was intrigued to see what Candice's pussy looked like. She did not know if she could do to her what Candice had done to her.

She worked her hand into the top of her shorts before Candice worked the buttons free to expose her panties. Candice was far too old to be putting on thongs but her panties were tight and lacy. Plenty of white skin was visible through the dark material and the dark roses were placed in just the right place to hide her pubic area.

Karen had to get off of her lap to pull the shorts down. She thought her panties were the sexiest thinnest ones she had ever seen. She knelt on the floor and studied the crotch of the panties for a long time. It was Candice that lifted her butt off of the couch and rolled the panties down her legs and lifted each leg one at a time to free then from her feet. When she settled back onto the couch she spread her legs in an open invitation for Karen to do what ever she wanted.

Karen noticed that her pubic hair was darker than her mother's but the patch was much smaller. When Karen asked about the difference between her and her mother's pussy Candice explained the difference by saying she shaved and waxed hers so that it was not so large. Karen ran her hands through the hair and found out how stiff it was. She tried to hide her actions but Candice saw her smell her fingers.

Candice being an older woman her labia protruded past her crack and the hood the covered her clit was a large lump of flesh. Candice placed her index and middle finder on the labia on either side of her clit and pressed inwards until the hood rolled back and her clitoris was fully exposed.

Karen moved her face between Candice's legs and felt her soft inner-thighs brush against her cheeks. She could not resist sticking out her tongue and touching it against the clit. It felt like a soft slippery velvety covering over a floating bone even though there was no bone in the clit. She found herself opening her mouth and sucking on her clit like it was a nipple. When Candice climaxed her violent shaking and her moaning frightened Karen because she thought she had hurt her. It didn't take long for Candice to assure her than she had just made her the happiest woman in the world. They hugged and kissed for some more and then they cleaned up and got dressed.

Before Candice sent Karen home she told her that Tuesdays would be their day together but she should call before coming over. Karen was thrilled beyond belief that Candice was her lover. She just could not figure out why she could not come over more often.

As the months passed she started riding by her home on other days. Sometimes there were other cars parked in front of her house. Then one day she saw another girl ridding her bike into her driveway. It hurt her to think that Candice seeing other girls. She got jealous when she thought about her doing the same things they did on Tuesdays with other girls. When she confronted Candice about her seeing other girls she didn't deny that she dated other girls. She told her that she had other girls that she loved just as much as she loved her.

Karen felt hurt and tried to avoid Candice for as long as she could. She missed the love so much that she finally could not stay away any longer and called Candice for a date. When she got there they both cried and hugged for a long time before they renewed their sexual activity.

Thing returned to normal until one day when she arrived at her home there was a car in front of her house. When she entered the house there was a very attractive woman sitting on the couch. She was introduced as Maria, another friend of Candice's.

The woman had very long pretty black hair. It shined like a raven's wing. Her big brown eyes looked like a puppy dogs eyes. To Karen she looked as sexy as a movie star. It turned out that she was a close friend of Candice.

They invited her to sit between them and before long she was being made love to. As much fun as it was to have two grown women make love to her she felt like her love for Candice had been soiled. She slowly stopped visiting Candice as much. She did see Maria more. She found that she preferred older women. She learned how to attract older women.

As she moved up the education system she developed crushes on other teachers. She was never attracted to male teachers; it was always female teachers and professors. Not all of her crushes let to sex with them but she did develop some very romantic relationships with some of them. She loved being dominated by older women. She would become a willing sex slave to them.

She was in her glory going to bed with them and making oral love to their bodies. She loved to have these older women telling her in rough language what to do with her mouth and what part of their anatomy they wanted her to kiss and lick. Pleasing them was everything to her. If these women bestowed their oral attention on her body it was everything to her.

As Karen grew older she found herself being attracted to younger girls. At first she started hanging out near the college she graduated from and picking up coeds that were willing to date older women. She found herself being attracted to younger and younger girls.

Karen is now in her early fifties. She is very concerned about her physical appearance. She works out a local gym three days a week to keep her body in as good a shape as possible. Her breasts still sag a little more than she would like but her figure is still a size nine. She visits her hair dresser regularly to insure that the gray was hidden. She took pride in keeping herself a youthful looking as possible. Most people would take her for as much as ten year's young than her real age.

She met a young woman that was twenty five that she dated several times and found that she was attracted to her seven year old daughter. Beverly could tell that Karen was attracted to the child and was not opposed to her seducing her. She didn't feel right about seducing her own daughter it just seemed better to let her older lover introduce her to the thrills of lesbian sex. She encouraged her daughter Shirley to spend as much time with Karen as possible.

Karen would baby-sit for her friend often. There were times that Beverly would ask her to let Shirley over night and take her to school. Having this attractive Jewish girl spend so much time with her was driving her crazy.

Shirley was very attracted to Karen. She loved to be close to her. She had no idea that Karen and her mother was making love to each other when she stayed at their house. She had seen them kissing each other before but never suspected how far it went.

One day while Karen was looking after her she was watching her play in the back yard and Shirley was roller-skating on the sidewalk an patio when she tripped and fell. She scrapped her knees and the palms of her hands. Karen carried her into the house and to the bathroom where she cleaned her up and applied disinfectant. She took the roller-skates off and carried her into the living room where she held her on her lap and kissed her tear stained cheeks until the girl stopped crying.

She could not resist kissing her more passionately. Shirley returned the kisses too. Karen started rubbing her body gently with her hands. Shirley didn't resist when Karen's hand slipped under her T-shirt and stimulate her little nipples. It took her breathe away. While they continued kissing Karen slipped her hand inside her shorts and rubbed her warm panties.

Shirley wrapped her arms around Karen's neck and clung to her. She was thrilled by the feelings Karen was awaking in her body. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Karen didn't want to rush it and frighten her. She didn't go any farther that day.

The next time Shirley visited it was up to her to bring up what they had done the last time. Karen told her they could do it again but she should not talk about what they did or she would get in trouble if anyone knew what they did.

Having a secret she shared with an older woman thrilled her. She assured Karen that she would never tell anyone about their games. Karen allowed Shirley to inspect her body all she wanted. If she wanted to see her breasts Karen simply removed her blouse and bra. Karen thrilled at the girls touch and when Shirley placed her mouth on her nipples she showed her approval by stoking Shirley's crotch.

In a short time Shirley felt comfortable taking off all of her clothes when she came to visit. She would run around the house naked and allow Karen to touch her anyplace she liked. Karen would join her in their naked games.

In time Karen introduce her to oral sex. She would suck Shirley's little pussy and even lick her asshole the same way Candice had done to her. Shirley was not shy about sex at all she loved to lick Karen's pussy and suck on her clit. Karen even introduced her to worshiping her behind.

She would get on her knees on the bed and spread her butt cheeks and allow Shirley to inspect her puckered rosebud all she wanted. Shirley was soon smashing her face between her cheeks and sticking her tongue into her asshole.

On those nights that Shirley slept over they hardly slept. The poor girl was exhausted if she had to go to school the next day. Their romance lasted for years. When Shirley reached puberty Beverly confronted the two of them. Rather that reproach them she joined them in a bed of three-way love. Karen's only regret is that Shirley is growing up to quickly.

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