I was bored, as usual, and quite horny. I had been thinking about wearing sexy underwear. I have always worn boxers, but saw some photo of guys in thongs and bikini undies, and the idea intrigued me. I began to surf the web and saw through L.A. Frontiers, an ad broadcasting custom made thongs and briefs. A rush came over me and I decided to call. The man on the other end seemed friendly, yet not gabby. He told me he had about three dozen designs to look at, and he worked out of his home, so he said we would have privacy. I told him I would be over and got in my car, my heart racing.

He lived over in LaBrea, south of Wilshire Blvd. The apartments there were built in the 20s and 30s, mostly duplexes. He said he lived on the bottom floor. I arrived at his place, and waited a moment before I got out of the car. I had been through experiences like this before, but as always, wondered if I was doing the safe thing. But, as normal, I decided to be naughty and go for it. I walked up to the porch, trying not to breathe hard. I knocked on the door and heard him approach. He looked like he was in his 40s, middle eastern, face looking like he had had some work, no shirt, tight gym shorts and sandals. He reached out his to shake mine. It was very soft. I felt safe as I walked in.

He welcomed me and directed me to follow him. His apartment was big. We walked through the living room, down a long hallway, into a bedroom he had converted to a studio/sewing room. He had a bunch of thongs and panties laying out. He invited me to strip. As I undressed (and I loved how he told me to "strip"), he took each article of my clothes and hung them on a hanger, and placed them in his closet, even my shoes. Now, I was nude, a blank canvas for him to dress me.

He asked what I was looking for, and being bold, I told him, something feminine and sexy. He grinned at me and handed me a sheer panty, white, a panel in the front and a thong in the back. I put them on and pulled them up. They were tight, and see through. He then said something I was not prepared for: "These fit nice, especially because you are gifted with a tiny cock". It is rather small, but no one, man or woman had ever said that to me. I was so aroused that he would have the pluck to say that, and playfully pulled the panty down to expose myself to him. "Yes, I am tiny", I admitted. It amused me we now had the rules in place. Since he had seen mine, I decided it was only fair to see his. "You tiny too?", I teased. He peeled his shorts off completely. My eyes were saucers as I looked at his package. He must have been about eight inches, and six inches in circumference. It was the most magnificent penis I had ever seen in real life. It looked like it weighed ten pounds. I just stared at it. Then he said, "What do you think?" I just shook my head, letting him know it wasn't. By any means. He didn't put his shorts back on either. The other thing I noticed, was the fact he didn't have any hair on his body, armpits included, but he sported a rather thick bush. It did nothing to diminish his dick, but seemed odd. Still, it was hot to look at.

The next one he handed me was a series of strings, connected to a doily type front. It was more fem than the last, and made me feel even hornier. I told him I would take both and asked him what more he had. The next one was black lace, with a silk black panel. It was more conservative, but still racy. I wanted to play coy, and told him I didn't like it. He protested, saying the reason it didn't look good was because my cock was jabbing out. He reached into my underwear and pulled my cock so it was sticking up. I could not believe his chutzpah, or the fact I allowed it. But allow it, I did. It actually worked, and made the bikini more attractive. "All the men at the gym wear their speedos that way", he stated. I was thrilled to think I could hold my own, appearance wise, in the gay community.

I decided to take all three, and asked if I could try on the string and doily one again. He oblidged, and watched me look at myself. My tiny cock was not so tiny anymore, and neither was his. He was certainly not erect, but was more swollen, and about an inch thicker, and two inches longer. I was indeed impressed. While observing my body and this girly piece of clothing, I noticed how it didn't go with my hairy body. He sensed my negative feeling and asked what was wrong. I told him, jokingly, that my bikini line didn't accentuate his line of clothing. He replied that he thought that too. "Would you like a little manscaping, no extra charge?" It was though he read my mind. I didn't respond verbally, but only nodded my head. He smiled, and held out his hand. I reached for it, and he guided me down the hall, back into his living room. "Hang on, I'll be right back. Take off your undies". I obeyed and wondered what was next. Alan returned with a folded up massage table and set it up. "Hop on, and lie on your back." Again, I obeyed his command. The room was about eighty degrees and made me feel dreamy. He had left the room, and came back with a case, and two beers. He handed me one of them, and I drank it in one continuous gulp. He laughed, and handed me the second one. I don't know if it was his intention of getting me drunk, but I took the second, and took a long sip, handing it back to him. He drank from it as well, bonding us closer.

Before he started he told me his procedure. "I'm going to do a little trimming, and a little buffing. I'll be so glad to get rid of your horrible man look!" I wasn't sure how he meant that, but again, here I was with this small man with a penis like a banana. I was happy to be in his hands. He turned on the clippers and began to shear my legs. I was only thinking he was going to trim my outer pubic region, but the buzz on my legs felt good, and the beer was kicking in. I found out he was quite strong, being able to lift my limb to trim my calves and back thigh. I felt good letting him explore and groom me. I slipped into a dreamy trance while he did his work.

After a while, he stopped and said, "Now for a little buffing". I had no idea what that meant, but didn't care by this time. Alan had spent about an hour trimming, although it had just seemed like minutes. Before he started the buffing, he took the beer bottle and held it to my lips. I opened them and consented for him to feed me. I didn't know it, but I was falling under his control more and more. He then proceeded with the "buffing". It felt great. I constant vibration attacked me. I was afraid I was going to cum. I even laughed out loud and kidded that I might. He brushed my penis and replied, I'm not worried, there won't be much from that puny thing". I loved it.

When he turned off the equipment, I knew he had finished. He brushed off my body with his smooth hands. I was interested in seeing his work, and asked to see a mirror. He said he had an entire mirrored wall in his bedroom and helped me up. He continued to hold my hand again, as we walked down the hall. I noticed he had a really cute, tight butt with a dark crack caused by his olive skin. I found that very attractive.

When we came into the room and I saw myself for the first time, I thought I was going to faint. My knees actually buckled. I don't know how Alan did it, but he essentially shaved my entire body smooth. I had no hair anywhere except on my head. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Alan had a smug look on his face. My jaw dropped. "You shaved off all my hair", was all I could sputter. "Why?, I pleaded. "Because your body hair and especially your pubes didn't jive with your dicklet. You look look much better now. Everyone at my gym would think you look normal in the showers". I reached down and felt my lower abdomen. It felt silky smooth. He commanded me to raise my arms over my head. My pits were hairless as well. Alan stood behind me and reached around to stroke my pits. "Doesn't that feel better? Don't you like the look? I think it really fits you!" With that, he continued to touch me, down my chest, playing with my nipples. "This is the new you", he announced. I was falling under his powerful spell. I hadn't counted on this to happen. "Yes", I replied, slightly moaning at the same time. His hands gently rubbed on my belly, and farther down, where my bush once was. His fingers then travelled back up, kneading my nipples. "Everything is more sensitive now. You feel things more". Then he turned me around and pressed his body against mine. He ground his cock into my crotch. "This is the best part. You feel the pubes of a real man. I nodded my head, unable to speak. "I knew you'd like that, from the moment I first met you". Then he turned me around, spread open my asscheeks, and put his cock in the crack like a hot dog. "But this is how you will feel my bush most of the time." I looked down, and saw my swollen cock leaking precum. I had never done that before.

Alan took his hands and placed them on my shoulders and began to press down hard. I succumbed and fell to my knees, powerless. I probably could have resisted, but definitely decided not to. He walked around and stood in front of me, motionless. I instinctively put my hands on his hips, opened my mouth and swallowed his entire cock. Its yeasty odor made me so hungry for it. My head bobbed back and forth. I suddenly could not get enough of his gland. He was now hard, so I knew I was doing the right thing. His bush ticked my nose, but that only made everything better. It made me think I was born only to service him.

Alan then pulled out, saying he didn't want to cum just yet, and gently rubbed my head. I held his hard member and kissed it. He smiled and said he wanted to finish grooming me, and to stand up. He put his gym shorts back on, which puzzled me. Again, he took my hand and led me out of the room. I love holding hands with him, making the bond even stronger. What I hadn't counted on was where he was taking me. We walked hand in hand down the hallway, back to the living, into his kitchen to the back door. His back door led to the backyard. I was naked. I stopped and looked at him with eyes of concern and anxiety. He shook his head and told me, "My neighbors are very tolerant". I wasn't sure what he meant, but the idea of publicly exposing myself made my hairless balls tingle.

We walked outside and he left me there while he went back in. He came back out with a pail, a couple of bottles, and a towel. We walked over to his hose, and he turned the faucet on and began to hose me off. Like bathing an animal. The water was cool, and I was hot, so I didn't mind one bit. What was really turning me on was that he was clothed and I was nude. Hairless as well, even more than nude. Alan got me all wet, then turned off the water and grabbed one of the bottles. He squeezed out a large dollop onto a body sponge and began to scrub me with it. The liquid had coarse materials in it. It was meant to remove the top layer of my skin. It didn't hurt, but made my skin tingle. He didn't miss a single section of my body. I loved how it felt, coupled by being nude in his backyard, potentially seeing a stranger. Speaking of which, an old man came out to empty his trash in the garage in back. Apparently he and Alan shared the same patio. He stopped and chatted while Alan scrubbed me. The old man smiled at me and said, "Client of Alan's?" I nodded my head. Even though Alan was bathing me within an inch of my life, I never felt dirtier. This old man looked at me like I was a large popsicle. I felt so sexy.

Alan knew it too, and valued his new prize. He spun me around slowly, to show me off. I was his trophy. I loved the feeling of wearing nothing, and being exposed. Nothing mattered at this point. My body tingled from the scrub, and felt cool. Alan opened the other bottle and squeezed a handful into his palm, then rubbed in all over me. It was the polish. It immediately soaked in and gave my skin glass like appearance. It' stung as it went on, then subsided. I couldn't believe how it felt. Alan approved.

He again took my hand and we walked back into his apartment. We went into his bedroom, and he gently led me to his bed, and laid me over it. My legs were still on the floor, but my chest and belly were on the bed. I had no idea what he was doing. Alan opened a draw, and took out a small tub, then told me to spread my legs. I obeyed, and felt him grab my cock and stretch it. He opened the tub and squeezed a small dollop onto the back of my penis head. Then he pressed the head to my perineum and held it there. Again, I had no idea what he was doing. After a minute, he let go, and told to remain in that position until he told me to get up. There I was, lying there, spread eagle. He could see everything. But I obeyed him.

After about five minutes, he told me to stand. I realized what he did. He superglued my cock to the back, so it looked like I no longer was male. My crotch was now a smooth panel. I didn't know what to say. Alan had a very smug look on his face. I have to admit, it turned me on. I had brought this on myself. I started all this. Alan was able to read me and finish the job. But he had stretched my cock so far, that I was no longer able to stand upright, but now my ass stuck out more, like I was wearing a humbler. I liked that too.

Alan gently pushed me back on the bed, and pulled my legs over my head. Before I knew what was happening, he began to lick my asshole. The feeling was unbelievable, and I knew it was his version of cunnilingus. The feeling was overwhelming and all I could mutter was the words, "Fucking yes". He was a master at it, and I could feel myself ready to cum. Before that happened, he stood up, peeled off his shorts and showed me his now rock hard cock. It looked like it was a foot long. He greased it up with Vaseline, then got on the bed and pressed the tip to my hole. I was terrified, hornier than I could ever remember. He pushed his cock into me, and began to fuck me slowly. I had been afraid it would be painful, but instead it felt great. I'm sorry I had waited this long. Alan stared at me while he fucked me, letting me know he was in charge. Then something happened that I had never anticipated. I had an orgasm. Different that before. Not as intense, but much longer duration. As I came, he thrust harder. I thought he was going to split me in two. Then, as I could feel him cum, he slowed down, but never pulled out. When he was done, he remained inside of me until he was soft. I realized he had cum inside me. Normally, that would been unsettling, but for some reason, I felt safe. I also felt really dirty that I not only allowed a man to fuck me, but I let him bareback me.

After we shoered together, we went back into the studio, and I put back on the doily string thong, my favorite. He then gave me some ultra tight gym shorts, and an orange spaghetti strap top. Essentially, women's clothes. He finished it off with a scarf over my scalp. I wore the same sandals I came in with. Those were the only male part of my attire. He called a friend and said he had a new toy he wanted to show off. He hung up and reached for my hand. I was off to start a new life.